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Meet The Owner

Hello Everyone! Allow me to introduce myself, I am Sia Square. I was taught how to bake by my grandma when I was a child. Baking from scratch was always something that she loved to do, so it became natural to me to bake from scratch. I am going to give you little bit of background about the name of this company. My grandma, that raised me, dreamed of opening her own bakery named Emerald Square. Since we are from the Emerald City (Seattle) and her last name was Square. Sadly she passed away before being able to see this dream come true, so I decided to turn her dream into a reality and here we are today! This is a family owned business and I am proud that I can be apart of something to make people smile!

Home-based Bakery in Phoenix

This Licensed Home bakery takes pride in supplying delicious baked products. All items are made to order & are made from scratch with love! Emerald Square Baked Goods is open to provide a variety of sweet treats to get you through the day. I love to make your day a little sweeter! All items available for delivery, based on availability. There is a delivery fee depending on your distance from North Phoenix.

Why Me

Free consultation
Accept debit/credit cards
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Good for children

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